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Frequently Asked Questions
Please review the Questions and Answers as provided below as they might solve some of the questions you might have. Should there be anything which is not answered please feel free to email us and we will provide answers.    

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The Process:

  • Once you receive your offer and decide to accept, you have to print out and sign all the relevant documentation (Offer Letter, HR Sheet, Health Questionnaire, Contract)
  • Then you have to scan these documents and send it back to us together with copies of your qualifications and certificates.
  • Once we have that, you will pass it onto the immigration agent who will be contacting you directly.
  • This person will assist you with the visa process and also assist those who are still struggling through the EWRB registration process.

With regards to the offer:

  • The 'bond' means that the company bonds you for 24 months after commencement date. That means that if you leave Tenix within 24 months, you will have to refund them pro rata for some of the costs involved in getting you here.

The offer includes:

  • Airline tickets for you and your spouse and children.
  • 2 Weeks' accommodation upon arrival.
  • 2 Weeks' rental car upon arrival.
  • Additional amount on top of the above (depending on the size of your family) that you can use in any way you wish. Some people use it towards buying a car upon arrival and/or paying the first month's rent in your own accommodation or any of the costs related to the whole exercise - REMEMBER to keep those receipts!

Hourly Rate:

  • I sincerely believe that you will be able to make a decent living with the amount that they have on offer. As mentioned during our meetings, this salary will not make you rich but you will be able to afford a house and a car and food to eat!
  • If however your wife decides to work as well (as mentioned, it is strongly advised as that is the only way that she becomes integrated into the local life - even if it's just a low key role) you will be able to safe up for those holidays back in South Africa (or instead in Fiji as you've been to South Africa haven't you??)
  • There will also be plenty of over time available if you feel like pushing the hours initially.
  • As you go through the phases of registration, you will also get more allowances. So in no time, the current figure will increase. Fully Registered Electricians earn $40p/h or more and that is a lot of money in NZ.

With regards to the deadline in September:

  • Tenix will understand if there are any delays in getting some of supporting documentation so this date is merely an indication of their expectation. As mentioned during our meetings in SA, one picks up very quickly if individuals are dragging their feet unnecessarily.

Human Resources Sheet:

  • With regards to the question whether you are eligible to work in New Zealand - answer is yes (pending visa application) - because you are eligible to work in New Zealand.